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The Photovoltaics and Distributed Generation Division seeks to provide the general public and professionals with accurate and current information about alternative energy use and production. In recent years, the photovoltaics division has expanded it's scope to include distributed generation technologies such as micro-turbines.


Testing & Certification

FSEC's Flash Solar Simulator.A core part of the photovoltaics work being conducted by FSEC, includes the testing and certification of photovoltaic components and systems. For components and systems used as part of state or federally funded projects, this certification is crucial. To the citizens of Florida, our testing and certification program is an important way to ensure quality and a competitive market for solar products in the state. If you're interested in these services or have a product to needs certification, please visit our PV Module and PV System testing and certification pages.


Picture of FSEC long-term inverter testing area.Inverter Testing for PV Systems
FSEC has partnered with Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), the Southwest Technical Development Institute (SWTDI), and the California Energy Commissions Public Interest Energy Research (CEC PIER) to characterize the performance of PV inverters operating over extended periods of time.
Picture of a PV system on a school.SunSmart Schools
As part of the SunSmart Schools Program administered by the Florida Solar Energy Center, up to 25 elementary, middle, or senior high schools, vocational schools, or colleges and universities will be competitively selected to receive a 1 or 2-kilowatt (kW) demonstration system or a 10 kW emergency shelter PV system.
Picture of thin-film lab.PV Materials
The PV Materials Laboratory conducts a wide range of research for the development of renewable energy. From thin-film PV production techniques to long-term exposure testing, our materials lab is working to bring inexpensive renewable energy to a reality.
The Southeast Regional Experiment Station logo.Southeast Regional Experiment Station
Beginning with the evaluation of some of the first utility-interactive PV systems in the U.S., the SERES continues to support the development of products, resources, standards and information necessary to ensure continued growth of the PV industry, and in meeting cost, performance and reliability goals established by the industry and stakeholders.

The Virgin Islands Energy Office logo.Virgin Islands Energy Office
The Florida Solar Energy Center is currently working to support the Virgin Islands Energy Office in the development of design specifications and implementation of renewable energy projects on the islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John.

The Virgin Islands Energy Office logo.Data Monitoring
Whether the systems have been grid-connected or stand alone, FSEC has been monitoring PV systems for decades. This data has been used to design and configure more reliable PV systems. This section will explore some of the ongoing monitoring researching being conducted.