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Portrait of William Wilson.William Wilson
Research Engineer
Solar Systems Research

(321) 638-1416
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B.S. Computer Engineering
University of Central Florida, 1993

Research Focus:

Working at FSEC since 1994, William Wilson has worked in a variety of research activities. He is experienced in data monitoring and analysis of photovoltaic systems. He has worked with electric and hybrid vehicles and developed low-power L.E.D. lighting for electric vehicles. He also provided technical communication and computer support for a project with NASA on the evaluation of digital satellite communications for remote power generation monitoring.

Current activities include supporting the photovoltaic technology benchmarking effort for the Department of Energy that includes developing and maintaining a database of costs, performance and operations information. Analysis of this data provides total amortized costs for evaluation of payback and differentiation of system performance. Mr. Wilson is part of the team that conducts design reviews and performance evaluations of stand-alone and grid-tied photovoltaic systems for the State of Florida programs.

Mr. Wilson has demonstrated expertise in the areas of: instrumentation for data monitoring; communication protocols for serial and network connected devices; web programming for database and GIS applications; photovoltaic system design and installation; and prototype electronic circuit design.

Mr. Wilson has been a major contributor to other projects including: remote weather stations, the CNG hybrid electric truck, desiccant cooling and dehumidification, nitrate detoxification with UV light, electric vehicle performance monitoring, and electric vehicle air conditioning design and testing.