moduleAdvanced Blower Door & Pressure Diagnostics

Next Class: May 31, 2013
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Blower door taken to the next level.
Methods for predicting potential for air leakage reduction in floors, walls and ceilings adjacent to buffer zones (attic, crawlspace, attached garage). These methods can help determine whether air-sealing work is needed or completed.
Topic: Automatic Fan Control

Most of us use either the Energy Conservatory DG-700 or Retrotec DM-2 digital micromanometers.  These meters have some great, yet under utilized features.  For instance, the automatic fan control which allows the digital pressure meter to control the fan speed or flow based on the pressure of “A” channel.

Learn more about the features of the automatic fan control.

It is very important to understand the significance of field quality assurance.  The process on the outside may sound threatening, but it really is a very simple process. 

1) Is field quality assurance mandatory?
2) Who must have quality assurance performed?
3) Who should be informed of these visits?

Find the answers here!

Training Schedule
MAY 2013
From Blueprints to...
May 13
EnergyGauge Pro Hands-On
May 14
Class 3 Rater Training
May 15
Class 2 Rater Training
May 16-17
Class 1 Rater Training
May 20-23
Challenge/Retake Exams
May 24
Rater Refresher Course
May 28
EnergyStar V3 Training
May 29-30
Solar Water Heating
May 29-31
Adv Pressure Diagnostics
May 31
JUNE 2013
Installing PV Systems
Jun 10-14
Rating Field Inspector
Jun 10-14
Intro to IR Camera
Jun 17
Adv Pressure Diagnostics
Jun 18
Dense-Pack Sidewall Ins.
Jun 19
Air Sealing
Jun 20
Challenge/Retake Exams
Jun 21
JULY 2013
HVAC Installer EStar V3 Jul 10
ACCA Manual J and EnergyStar Jul 11-12
ACCA Manual J, D, S Intro Jul 11
ACCA Manual J Basics Jul 11
Florida Commercial Code
Jul 23
Combustion Safety Aug 6-8
Intro to IR Camera
Aug 12
Adv Pressure Diagnostics
Aug 13
Dense-Pack Sidewall Ins.
Aug 14
Air Sealing
Aug 15
Challenge/Retake Exams
Aug 16
Moisture Problems Aug 19
Florida Residential Code Aug 20
FL Green Home Certification Aug 21-22

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