FPL Offers 50% Discount Toward FSEC Solar Training Courses

FPL LogoIn an effort to make professional training for the installation of solar water heating and photovoltaic solar systems more accessible to licensed electrical, plumbing, and solar contractors and their employees, Florida Power & Light Company is offering a 50% discount for training classes conducted by the Florida Solar Energy Center.

How it works:
1. Visit www.FPL.com/trainingdiscount and fill out the eligibility form
2. FPL will verify eligibility and send an email with a promotion code
3. Visit the FSEC website to register for the course(s) and enter the promotion code to receive the discounted course pricing

Are you eligible?
In order to be eligible for the discount, class participants must work for a licensed electrical, plumbing or solar contractor doing business in FPL’s service area. Read more.
TOPIC: RESNET-Approved Airflow Measurement Techniques

The RESNET standard provides onsite procedures for measuring the airflow of ventilation systems.  These procedures treat the air flows into a grille and out of a register measured separately.  RESNET allows three test processes that may be used to determine airflow.

Test your knowledge! What techniques should you use?
Training Schedule
JULY 2013
HVAC Installer EStar V3 Jul 10
ACCA Manual J and EnergyStar Jul 11-12
ACCA Manual J, D, S Intro Jul 11
ACCA Manual J Basics Jul 11
Florida Commercial Code
Jul 23
Combustion Safety Aug 6-8
Intro to IR Camera
Aug 12
Adv Pressure Diagnostics
Aug 13
Dense-Pack Sidewall Ins.
Aug 14
Air Sealing
Aug 15
Challenge/Retake Exams
Aug 16
Moisture Problems Aug 19
Florida Residential Code Aug 20
FL Green Home Certification Aug 20-21
From Blueprints to...
Sep 9
EnergyGauge Pro Hands-On
Sep 10
Class 3 Rater Training
Sep 11
Solar Water Heating
Sep 11-13
Class 2 Rater Training
Sep 12-13
Class 1 Rater Training
Sep 16-19
Challenge/Retake Exams
Sep 20

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