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Stylized Text:Frequently Asked Photovoltaic (PV) Questions
Certified Systems, Installer Course, Solar License


Who can install a PV system under the Florida solar rebate program?

According to the Florida Energy Office, the system must be installed by: “a state-licensed master electrician, electrical contractor, or solar contractor.” (as stated in FS 377.806, section 2(a)(1) (2008)).

Do all PV systems qualify for Florida State solar rebates?

No, not all PV systems qualify for solar rebates offered by the state of Florida.  There are qualifications set by the Florida Energy Office that must be met to be eligible for funds. (click for DEP's Web site)


What are ‘certified’ PV systems?

In accordance with Florida Law (§377.705, F.S.), the Florida Solar Energy Center reviews PV systems for safety and verifies performance parameters.  Systems that have been sufficiently designed are then certified by FSEC and are listed on the Web site.


Who is qualified to design a PV system?

Anyone with sufficient background and knowledge of PV system components and the National Electrical Code can design a PV system; however, the system is required to be certified by FSEC before it is installed.  For more information about the system certification process, please review the system certification Web page.

Am I certified to install PV systems after taking your course?

You will be well armed with the knowledge about PV systems and their performance but you will NOT be certified in any way after attending our course.  Attendees of the Installing PV Systems course can receive continuing education credits (CEUs), specifically electrical, toward the renewal of their professional license.


Will the CEUs from the PV Installer Course count toward the renewal of my professional license?

Attendance and successful completion of this PV Installer Course will earn you electrical CEUs only, however it is up to the individual licensing board that issued your license as to whether they will accept these credits.  Please check with your licensing board prior to registering for our course.


Why should I take your PV Installer Course?

This week-long course covers the design and installation of photovoltaic (PV) systems, and it involves actual hands-on work with PV systems and equipment. This program is intended for contractors, electricians, utilities, engineers and other practitioners, with an overall goal of developing "system-knowledgeable" professionals to help ensure the safety and quality of PV system installations.


How do I sign up for the PV Installer Course?

If you are interested in attending the PV Installer Course, please visit the course page for registration (see below).  It should be noted that registration is often filled as soon as the course dates are made available.  So, it is recommended that you check the course’s site often.


Is there a waiting list for the PV Installer Course?

A waiting list is not available for PV Installer Course offerings.


Do seats open up for the PV Installer Course offerings?

Yes, seats do become available now and then.  The most predictable time when seats become available is when registrants are dropped for non-payment.  The removal of registrants from a course offering happens three weeks and one day prior to the first day of class.  Starting at 8:00 a.m., registrants are removed by the registration system.  Please check the course site at this time to see if seats become available. 


If I take your PV Installer Course can I open my own solar business?

No. Solar businesses take many forms; in order to own an organized and knowledgeable business, it is recommended that your employees (especially the ones installing or servicing solar systems) be well versed in the operation of these systems.  Courses like our PV Installer Course can provide much of the information needed to work with these systems from a technical standpoint.

However, knowledge of solar is not the only requirement.  Many local governments require that various licensed personnel be the ones working to install and maintain solar equipment. It is important that you or your employees have the required licenses.

Another consideration when it comes to opening a solar business is participation in the State of Florida’s solar rebate program.  An examination of what is required for systems to be eligible for these rebates can provide guidance as to the training and tools needed for a successful solar business.


Does your PV Installer Course cover everything on the solar contractor’s test?

The PV Installer course covers information that will be examined on the solar contractor’s test but does not cover all of the tested material.  The solar contractors test also examines material related to solar hot water systems (both pool and domestic).  Please visit the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Web site for more information.


What content does the “solar contractor” license cover?

The content is roughly divided into two parts 1) solar hot water (pool and domestic hot water) and 2) photovoltaics.  For information about what is covered on the “solar contractor test”, please visit the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Web site.